Sunil Ishairzay, Founder, President and Chairman
Sunil Ishairzay was born in Kabul, Afghanistan from a family of repute in the country for many generations. Sunil’s father came to U.S. on a Fulbright scholarship to study engineering and returned to Afghanistan helping in development efforts. His family stayed in the USA due to the Soviet invasion and decades of war Sunil continued his studies, including a Masters in Business and International Studies from George Mason University. Over two decades, Sunil founded and sold multiple successful businesses, converting his gains into philanthropy. The Ishairzay family continued their love and dedication to their home country of Afghanistan with humanitarian support from the United States. Sunil realizes one key to hope in Afghanistan’s future is through education; he has travelled the world to work with experts in Education and to gather the newest curriculum in e-learning. He now focuses all of his efforts on Earthopia’s mission, and his family.
Seema Ishairzay, Treasurer
Seema Ishairzay was born in Mumbai, India to parents from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Seema’s Father moved to Mumbai to continue the family's long tradition of the trade business with Afghanistan. India and Afghanistan have had a historical partnership of culture, trade, and cooperation as indicated in the story Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore, in which the character was representative of Seema’s Father. Seema helped her father by handling all the accounting and banking for the businesses. She got a degree in Commerce from Narsee Manjee, one of the top business colleges in India. She continued her studies from SNDT Womens’ University for Fashion Design Business and worked in the international garment trade. Seema came to the USA and established an accounting and tax practice in Virginia. She sold the business in 2013 to focus on her daughter and be directly involved in her education. Seema has a passion for working with children and education.
Mo Hasan, Founder and Director
Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mo moved to the United States at the age of six with his family. With over 18 years of experience, he is an expert in adult learning methodologies and training delivery. His career highlights include teaching World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank officials, US Supreme Court Justices, and Fortune 500 executives. In addition, he is a professional speaker, author, and TV show host. Mo is passionate about working together. He focuses on economic development through his expertise in workflow efficiency and collaboration. In addition to his service to Earthopia, he is the Founder and Managing Partner at Intupower, a corporate training and development firm.
Aron Heintz, Founder and Director
Mr. Aron Heintz is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who develops sustainable/internet technology products and teams. Since 2005 he has advised, mentored, or funded more than 20 successful social startups, including Earthopia. After living in a village in Nicaragua in 2006, he specialized in village-appropriate technology. He became a social entrepreneur after retiring from, where he presided over collaborative development by 30+ companies worldwide. Previously, as Chief Technology Officer of Sixth Sense Media, he designed and implemented their flagship product. Mr. Heintz earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Yale University, with Tau Beta Pi academic honors.